Joe Jonas Dance

Hey guys! My name is Jennifer Frongia. I live in Miamisburg, Ohio and I am a 15 year old girl that loves the Jonas Brothers! I think that they are the best band in the world! They are also the cutest guys ever and have the biggest hearts! They are so awesome no matter what anybody says! : ) I have loved them from the start and will stay with them till the end! Which a true fan would! A true fan would also love all their songs! Which I do! Many people though are saying they hate their new song and video "Paranoid!" People we need to support the Jonas Brothers through everything they do so you guys should love every song! So everyone should love "Paranoid!" I know I do! I think it is the best song in the whole world and I love the video for it!!!!! Oh and also if you do love JB and their new song then you guys need to make it #1 on the radio! So you need to request their song! There is a few ways you can request their song.
1-Call your radio stations and say "I would like to request a song." Then they will say "Ok. Which song?" Then you say "Paranoid" By the Jonas Brothers."  Then they say "Okay." and you make sure you say "Thank you." cause you need to be nice to them! LOL So I have one number that you can call: 1-800-242-0100. So everyone please call and request their song. 
2-You can text it in to your local radio stations. You text "Jonas Brothers" or "Paranoid" or "Jonas Brothers Paranoid." K? So go online and look up your radio station.BTW: You can find your local radio station by putting in a major city by you in google search. Make sure you put "radio station" after the city name. So an example would be-Cincinnati, Ohio radio station. Then go to their website and you can find their number to call and text your requests to. Some websites even have it where you can request songs online.
3-So that's another way you can do it. You can request it online. So I have one website that you can request online.- So please go there are request "Paranoid!"
So those are the ways that you can request their songs on the radio. So everyone please request their song so we can make it #1 on the radio! Also tell everyone you know to do it too! You can even send a text to all your friends telling them to request it and tell them to forward it on so the whole world will know what to do! That would be awesome if you guys could do that. Now if you wanted to be a crazy,super fan like me then you could go on the saynow lines and tell everyone to request their songs so we can make it #1!!!! Make sure though that you include all the information above as to how to request their song. Now this may be annoying for your family but please tell everyone in your family to do this too. I mean it would help a lot if everyone just requested it once a day! : ) And for those people that have unlimited texting-THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR YOU PEOPLE!! I mean all you have to do is text it at least one time a day and we can get it to #1!!!!! So please everyone help me out and request their new song "Paranoid." I CAN'T DO IT BY MYSELF! LOL Though if I had to I would try. LOL
P.S.-Please limit you request to once a day for each possible way to request. LOL
Well that's all!